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Grip Like a World Champion

A Best Seller and Best Way to Learn the Game of Gripping!
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First of A Kind and Years in the Making
Jimmy Pedro, World Champion, 2-time Bronze Medallist and one of world's most studied and best grip fighters has put together a DVD and booklet to share and teach you what it took him years of training, travelling, refining to learn. By simply following the step-by-step directions, students and coaches will find it easy to develop world-class grip fighting skills.

DVD and Training Guide

    *A complete insight into gripping sequences and gripping tactics
    *Learn how to prevent from being thrown
    *Learn how to train to grip so that you can grip
    *Learn how to dominate your opponent
    *Lock your opponent and wrap him up in his own gi
    *Outmaneuver opponents that are bigger, heavier, and stronger than you
    *Learn how to coach gripping and grip fighting to your students
    *New grip breaking techniques that Jimmy has never shown before
    *Learn the "ChangeUp" Jimmy Pedro developed in order to be highly competitive with European fights
    *Dirty little gripping secrets and 
much more...


The DVD has excellent camera work and editing and Jimmy Pedro clearly explains while demonstrating his gripping secrets. The Training Guide can be carried to and from practice. The guide shows step by step all the various grips and again has an easy to follow layout with clear explanations.  These tools should be used and studied over and over and can be taken to the dojo and work with it to reach your gripping goals.


 Check out the Trailer Here:


NOTE: Some techniques are no longer legal according to 2015 IJF Rules


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Picture of DVD + Manual
DVD + Manual

 Get the DVD and the companion manual to really absorb World Champion Jimmy Pedro's gripping techniques!

Old price:  $84.00 (USD)
$69.99 (USD)
Picture of DVD Only
DVD Only

Just order the DVD of Grip Like A World Champion to see and hear from the expert Jimmy Pedro 

Old price:  $59.99 (USD)
$44.95 (USD)
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